CEO Eone Records, Ethrice Ekpen open letter to all upcoming artists


Stop the competition in Entertainment and support eachother…

Entertainment industry is so big that even our unborn kids have their place in it. The earlier everyone realises that entertainment industry has been existing way before us and will still be in existence after we have gone, then our attitude to others will change. Why all the fight, beefing, STRUCTURES and hatred?

A young man once help a needy man up and when they were both up to his greatest surprise he realise that he has also helped himself up. We cant keep criticising other artistes work and expect others to worship us or say good about ours. Nobody rises by putting others down.

In music there are different generies meaning sounds are endless. That someone else is not loving what you like doesn’t make him less of a person than you. Appreciate eachother differences and promote each other by simply sharing, liking or commenting on other peoples work, this might mean nothing to you but to the person it means a whole lot.

Eone Records supports good music (sound) irrespective of your record label, tribe or type of song you do as long as its good, we ll promote you freely… If what you selling to others is something you cannot buy when offered know that there is no magic it wont sell.

Like 2Face will say all we need is “One Love” and like 50cent will say “there is no business like Show Business”. Upcoming or downcoming artistes all got something in common and thats doing music.

Believe in yourself, be your number one fan and try invest in yourself cos thats the only thing no one can take away from you no matter what. The things you say about others today, will be said about you tommorow so mind how you dissect others…

Gossip comes when you doing well so we cant run away from that…

Let music unite us all…
I Stand for one peaceful entertainment industry
Ph must be restored.

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