Closure of application for face of Eone Records


We officially announce the closure of all Entries for the face of Eone Records by mid night 20th June 2018, we wish all contestant best of luck.
To all our amiable fans all over the world, we say thank you for the love and support.

A new damn is here, the voting process commence, just like every other contest this has its own lay down rules:

All voting is done through
To qualify to vote, you must follow us on Twitter @e1records, Instagram @eonerecords, Facebook E1 Records, YouTube Eone Records.

All contestants are requested to share, like and promote the links to their friends and fans to vote them.

All must adhere to the rules before proceeding to vote, otherwise your vote will null and void.

We accept any form of advertisement from the contestants as long as it carries Eone logo.

Voting commence Thursday 21st June 2018 to Saturday 21st July 2018 midnight.

Every participant in the contestant is a winner, Eone Records is out to help and breed talents from street to stardom.

All contestants have automatically earn a chance to appear in our musical videos and other pet projects. For those that want to pursue career in modelling we will be happy to introduce you to our partners.

Sign: Ethrice Ekpen
(CEO Eone Records)

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