Excitement Mounts as Hashtrade Launching Approches


Excitement Mounts as Hashtrade Launching Approches
According to the Management of Hashtrade.Ltd, excitement has mounted as the date of their official launching approches. According to the CMO (Cheif Marketing Officer) the site will launch with at most 50 Registered traders on board, the idea is to commence trading even before the launching, making sure the required perks are in place.
Hashtrade.Ltd was initially intended to be developed on the DAG (Direct Acrylic Graph) blockchain, but with certian features requiring extensive development, such as the lightwallet, and with eagerly awaiting partners, it has been launched initially on the Waves-Ng algorithm. It is scheduled to celebrate its independence from the Waves platform within 12 months max. It will however still be available for DEX (Decentralised Exchange )trading on the Waves Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency wallet.
Using this unprecedented measure, Hastrade.Ltd insists it has killed many birds with a single stone. And it plans to keep up the momentum until the job is complete.
A question one should ask is what is the viability of venturing into a Hashtrade.Ltd partnership? Well as google analytics has shown, the word bitcoin was most searched for in Nigeria and South Africa in 2017 (https://medium.com/@BalogunHarold/the-state-of-bitcoin-cryptocurrency-law-and-regulation-in-nigeria-2018-7c5692baa864) see which shows there is a great potential for cryptocurrency here in Nigeria. It only remains to wait and observe how well this company will manage. One of the greatest problems of citizens in these countries remains remittance. Especially for some illegal immigrants to other countries fending for their relations at home can be an ardous task, these are some of the problems Hashtrade.Ltd plans to help solve.
Hashtrade.Ltd explains itself as
1. An international trading company for Hashcoin in particular and with time other cryptocurrencies on their DEX
2. A partnership where partners can earn by marketing Haskoin collectively as a team.
3. A sure investment where investors will be insured from losses which are rampant in the cryptocurrency sector.
4. A future looking company that plans to take its nanobiz system to completion and push acceptance and usability to the limit.
5. A registered company that will contribute to the wellfare (Charity) and development of this industry worldwide and here in Sub-Saharan Africa.
6. A registered taxpayer that will work with government when needed.
If this sounds interesting, well dont take my word for it, make sure you join them on telegram:
Https://t.me/hasthradeltd (update channel)


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