Face of E1 contest to start soon


Just like we promised,
it’s time to hit the big waves…
Ladies and Gentlemen gear up for the prestigious..
*Face Of E1*
We will be unveiling the competition to participant and how to participate soon, it is absolutely FOC (Free of charge) to participate.

Lots of Prices to go with it.
As the restructuring continues, Eone Records unveils its first phase of event title; Face of Eone Records by selecting a worthy brand ambassador to represent the brand for the next one year, after which the big one comes; the unveiling of the Next Artistes of Eone Records.

The face of Eone Records it’s one of its kind, it’s competitive, the public will be given equal opportunity to choose who represents them based on the highest number of votes via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mobile Code Voting (all networks)

The idea behind Face of Eone Records is to have a brand representative to project and oversees our pet projects in the pipeline.

The Organizers of The Face of Eone Records will relate to the public on how to participate, who to participate and the age range of those to participate also the prices to be won and ways to cast your votes.

This search will go across the whole of Africa to give egual opportunity to all our African Fans.

Eone Records will like to use this opportunity to thank everyone that has and still supporting us, those writing about us, the Amazing bloggers, the OAPs, The Press, Media houses, DJs and Our wonderful Fans for the support over the years…

God bless you all
God bless Eone Records

Sign: Ethrice
*Stay Tuned & Be on the Look!!!*
*E1 Records*

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